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This is a sample course for the Recognize Hazard Labels Module

dangerous goods

This course will benefit all levels of staff who interact with Dangerous Goods/HAZMAT either for road,air or sea transport.

Even administrative staff who work in chemical handling or transport companies will benefit from the knowledge that this course will provide the learner.

This course is for DGR Category 8:

Operator's and ground handling agent's staff involved in the handling, storage and loading of cargo, mail or stores and baggage

category 8

This course is for DGR Category 9: Passenger handling staff in airports

check in staff

This course is for DGR workers in Category 10: Flight crew members and load planners

category 10

This course is for DGR Category 11: Crew members (other than flight crew members)

ground handling

For staff inĀ Category 12:

Security staff who deal with the screening of passengers and their baggage and cargo, mail or stores, e.g. security screeners, their supervisors and staff involved in implementing security procedures.

cat 12

business skills

This course helps sales associates learn the basics of customer segmentation and be able to identify customer traits in order to successful outcomes in a service or product selling roles